APS has the capability to implement even the most complex commercial security systems.

Your commercial entity and the personnel who run it have to be protected. Theft of property, unauthorized access to information, assault on personnel, facility damage and fire are all risks that businesses face—but security monitoring and alarm systems can help to prevent loss or injury in any of these instances. When you are making a decision as to which service provider to choose for your security needs, APS is a one-stop source that can provide integrated solutions incorporating insurance-approved fire alarm and sprinkler systems, CCTV surveillance, access control, remote facility monitoring and more.

For more than 30 years, APS has served commercial clients including retailers, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, corporate and government offices, public transportation facilities and schools. Contact us to learn more about how our custom safety and security solutions can work for your commercial entity.

Rely on the Experts

Rely on the Experts

APS will take the guesswork out of choosing the right security and fire alarm systems. Our experts will analyze and recommend a turnkey solution and provide support 24/7/365.

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